Weight loss 101

The thought about losing weight and getting a tone body scares me sometimes. 

Well not because of the strenuous exercise and routines that I have to go through. I am perfectly comfortable with that. Blame the athlete bones in me.

But it’s just that I am an over-achiever. I set, well you can say that a little too high expectations to myself that I will ended up disappointed if I can achieve it. Also I can say blame the athlete bones in me, too. Tsk.

I do lots of cardio. I run. I love outdoor run and treadmill too. Tak padan dengan dislocated knee pffft.

But I just found out that with cardio, yes I do burn fats but mostly I burn calories. What ever that you have eaten, you run and you burn it.

So when you lose weight, your skin will become saggy – the aftermath of losing all the fat under your skin.

But why is your body still not tone enough? 

You’re missing one more thing- weight training.Weight training is supposed to help you build more muscle to support those saggy skin. That’s why a total body workout is recommended instead of focusing to only one single area.

I started going back to my old gym at Fitness first and met some familiar faces, the trainers back when I was a regular there. She pointed this out.

*slaps forehead*

I feel like screaming already. Here I am wondering what went wrong.

*Grabs 2 of those 2.5 kg dumbbells and start doing the biceps curl*

So here’s the routines like :
Workout at least 3 times a week, minimum of 1hour per session.

Mix and match your routines. As for yours truly, I prefer.

Treadmill – 15mins

Stepper – 15 mins

Stationary cycle – 15 mins

Rowing machine – 15mins

Then off to the machines where I workout on my arms and legs.

Moving on to the weight station for the dumbbells for the biceps and triceps, squats and lunges for the legs and JLo’s butt!

I will usually close my session with the core exercises for my core –  varieties of crunches and planks.

Then, don’t forget to stretch and cool down. This is to avoid sore muscle afterwards.

Well, that’s my routine. I think it varies for different individuals – your strength, past injuries etc. The important thing is that if you’re aiming to lose weight, don’t forget to also build muscle to support those saggy skin that you will get after the weight loss.And it doesn’t matter whether you go to the gym or you have equipment at home, bottom line is to know your target and the right exercise to do to achieve it.

I learned my lesson and I am full speed on this, people!

Have fun with your workouts,


p/s : I watched the first part of Band of brothers – Churrahae. When they ran 3 miles up and 3 miles down the hill. Told the beau, ” I don’t how you guys do it. I wanna puke already watching this.”. He simply said, “Haha, that’s the life of paratroopers”. Right, said the guy who was previously gone through military training. He recently tweeted his abs photo after losing 1.8kg. Sheesh, I’m gonna have to pick up the pace!


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