So-called New Year’s Resolutions

With the year almost closing its door, many might be noticing that their objectives and goals for 2012 haven’t come to fruition yet. The resolutions didn’t pan out, the universe threw curve balls, and here we are — disgruntled with some aspect of our lives. Now we could coast by and wait until late December, then write out our 2013 resolutions. We could hope that while it hasn’t worked in the past, the start of a new year will skyrocket our productivity to unseen heights. But let’s be real. January 1st isn’t a one-of-a-kind day in which we blow in the cartridge, hit reset and suddenly have a fresh start. In fact, many spend their New Year’s Day on the couch or in bed, recuperating or worst, will still be working late in the office (Well, I predict so for me this year)

Bottom line: the issues and unfinished business you have on December 31st will still be there January 1st, and so on. Don’t stop and relax but let’s do the opposite of relax. No cruise control mode, no allowing ourselves to take our foot off of the gas — lets bum rush success’ door and attempt to kick it down by the end of the year. I firmly believe that we all can do so.

I am writing this as a note to self, a reminder that my goals shouldn’t be renewed only come every new year, but instead, from time to time.

16 more days to 2013, how’s your 2012 goals coming along?


Note to self.


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