Insanity Diary

I have been in so many weight loss journey. The successful one would be back in 2013 where I lost almost 10kg in less than 6 months with these following parameters:

  1. I was single. Dating yes, but not married.
  2. I spent almost all of my money for gym membership, workout clothes, medicine (yes, my knees were dead busted thanks to the strenuous workout), healthy food (you know, avocados, protein shake etc. are expensive!), and of course bootcamp membership. But trust me, I regret not a single cent of these. It was all truly worth it!
  3. Time. I spent most of the time after work (and even during lunch time) working out. Gym was close to my house. Back then I went to Celebrity Fitness Subang Jaya and Bangsar Village and I went for KLCC PM bootcamp by Original Bootcamp where I was working.
  4. I even spent my time working out at the gym during ramadhan. 1 hour before breaking fast.

Crazy shit. But I had nothing to lose back then.  It was just me, myself and I. I can be selfish not to cook or clean and just went home and sleep, you get what I mean?

Over the years, after getting married around 1 year plus ago, I started slacking out. Actually it was few months before my marriage, due to the Carpal Tunnel release I did to my right palm. It hindered me from doing all the workout, or at least slowed down the process. It was so painful post operation. So, you slack off a week or two, then you started slacking off and finally, you stopped altogether.

I gained back the weight. I love eating but I did not workout enough to burn the food. The weight gain coupled with post wedding weight gain, work, having a husband (well, don’t get me wrong, having a husband meaning I can’t be all selfish and just crash into my bed post workout) and a house etc. brought me to this disastrous number on the scale that bombed me out.

But it’s not that I stopped trying. I did resumed back my bootcamp, jog around the neighbourhood (which when it rains, I got a bit demotivated), I did home workout, Kayla itsines, yoga, weight etc. But the problem was consistency!

You can have all the equipments, guides in the world but if you are not consistent enough, it will not work. Or it will but the progress will be slow. And I came to realize this went I was going through what I did during my weight loss before and now. What was different? What did I do differently? So the key now is the replicate the values and intensity and do it better this time !

This time around I am undergoing Insanity 60-day total body conditioning program.



I am now on Week 2 of Insanity. I will be posting on my experience undergoing this program. Posting it online ensures my commitment to complete this program whether I like it or not (to save me from public humiliation? haha).

Wish me luck!