Milestone 1

March 29 2015, we turned 1.

Here’s the thing, I had a theory at the back of my mind – My husband will forget about our anniversary (unless somebody else reminds him/there’s an app or something that goes “Congratulations, it’s your 1 year anniversary” kinda thing).

So I woke up that morning, getting ready for our breakfast and woke him up. He’ll take some time to “stabilize” and usually that will require his phone with him.

I was waiting for him to say those words but yeah, me keeping my cool. So so patient, you guys! And out of a sudden he goes “One year kahwin!” (one year being married)¬†. I was like “say what again?” while leaning towards him. Just want to hear the real words coming out loud and clear.

“Happy Anniversary,baby. I love you.”

MELTS with that puddle of water on the floor right there. Sheesh.

I poured (half of) my heart out in the card that I wrote to him.

All in all, I am very thankful to be in this marriage with you. It may be imperfect here and there but I know we have the perseverance, love and compassion to work towards a healthy and beautiful marriage together.

To many many more years of love, understanding and support towards each other.

I love you, sayang.