Up North

It’s (another) Friday, again!


Come to think of it, I always publish my posts on Friday. Hm, I wonder why. Perhaps, it’s the day when my mood is actually on the high side, the last working day of the week and Friday morning/evening is usually so calm in the office. Morning- people come in a wee bit late, having their breakfasts and whatnots. Evening- people rush back early to avoid the horrible traffic jam (which yours truly is lucky enough to avoid in a month!).

Aaaanywayss, yours truly is going to move away from this hustle and bustle to up North, to the mining town of Tronoh! It’s a big step for #nazmilia and truth is, I am feeling very positive about this. We are turning #1 this month and I can’t help but to think this is indeed a blessing from Allah s.w.t to bring us closer. Long distance relationship is a challenge, I wrote this a couple of times already in the previous posts. We started discussing about our future plans, career paths and whatnots , and we have come to that juncture where someone needs to decide for the sake of the family.

My husband has been very supportive and patience throughout this process. And I feel like it’s my responsibility as a wife to assist him as much as possible. I did my prayers and whatnots, so the decision is pretty much concrete and I feel good about it. He is worried that I might feel bored over there, missing my bootcamps, malls, friends and yeah, pretty much KL as a whole. To me, those aren’t my priorities. Plus, there are ways to create that kind of lifestyle but even better, with him around. My friends are just angels for understanding and even supporting this move. Alhamdulillah.

So, I have less than 6 weeks to pack up, settle my work and prepare my handover to my replacement at work. We will definitely miss our home here in KL but I totally look forward to turning over a new and better leaf in Tronoh!

As my husband would say, “Welcome to UTP!”.



It’s Friday, beautiful people!

And I’m currently typing this post in the office. So much work to do (thanks to so many unnecessary and long winded meetings today), I decided to stay back and finish it up before I leave the office today. I don’t want to be doing office work at home. I’ve been feeling a little bit under the weather this couple of days i.e. my dislocated knees, stomach flu and lack of rest. So I wanted to have a proper rest at home without having to crack my head preparing the work deck(s).

Time flies and we’re in the last week of February! Don’t know what happened in the last 2 months but I’m pretty sure that I’m making very slow progress with my resolutions, guys! I still did not enroll to Quran class (guilty!) but somehow I did do more outdoor activities. So, I need to buck up and catch up real fast here.

I love March for the fact that NazmiLia will turn 1 ! Look at that, it’s going to be a year of me marrying my husband, listening to his snores and putting up with his antiques (Love you!) and vice versa. I am very grateful for this journey. Marriage is a classroom for me. I learned a lot and I’m pretty sure Allah has more in store for me. Alhamdulillah, nothing comes easy in this life and so does Jannah. I keep praying to Allah that He kept me on His guided path, equipped with triple the amount of patience and strength that I usually have. You know, I am the very hardheaded lady (my husband can testify this, for sure :) . So glad to have someone that tones me down, and sometimes put up with me.

These 2 Cs- compromise and communicate save my married ass!

I’ll write more on this soon!

I’m about to send out one last email before I head to my Maghrib prayer and off from this office!

Happy weekend, all! :)

up the ante

It’s one week away from the end of the first month in 2015! Time flies and I was trying to work on my resolutions throughout the month- perfecting them, making them as specific, measurable & realistic as possible. I read this idea of checklist from Lauren Conrad and decided to adopt this for my resolutions.

I find this method very good as you have all the areas of development that you are targeting & specific points that goes with it.

Here’s mine!

A bad habit I’m going to break:

  1. Procrastinate on my prayers (so so teruk this one. forgive me God!)
  2. Gossiping/saying bad things about others (also very bad)

A destination I’d like to visit:
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I’m going to work harder at:

  1. Making time for exercise and clean-eating (no cheating!)
  2. Getting to know my husband

A project I’d like to finish:
Decorating my home

A class I’d like to take:
Quran-reading class.

I’d like to spend more time doing:
Outdoor activities

A food I want to eat more of:
fruits and veggies.

I want to wear more:

What’s yours?

Yours truly,



Obviously I did not keep my promise to revive and sustain this blog. Not sure if I have any audience but the promise is definitely to myself and it did not happened, at least since 1st Oct. Sigh.

It’s already past mid December now and look how far (and fast!) we’ve come!

Many would take this month to review back their 2014’s resolutions and perhaps prepare a clean new canvas for 2015. I, on the other hand, will have to carry-forward some of my unfinished goals. Now it has become more of an ongoing to-do items rather than a one-time off kind of things.

Next week will be a quiet week in the office. Some of my colleagues and bosses already taken a long break up till New Year. Some went for umrah, overseas trips, among others.

Wherever you are, travel safe!

Let’s pack away all the negativities, hurtful memories and sadness and throw them out the window. Start fresh for 2015!

Closing the 2014 chapter now.


Yours truly, Lia.

New leaf

I’ve been juggling between themes for this blog, guys! Sorry, if any one of you came and the header was huge and suddenly it shrunk! I can’t decide.

So I think this one is just nice. I planned to blog properly after this. Just to share my thoughts on things, more serious topics i.e marriage, religion, health and whatnots rather than my everyday life (so vain, I know! ) . And who knows I can learn a thing or two from my readers/followers (If I even have any :( ) , right?

I hope I can improve my writing skills and exercise my thought process at the same time! So important guys, I can feel my brain slowly withers what with the lack of reading (and the genres that I need to expand!) and writing (unlike back in high school – uni days).

Also, I plan to upload quality pictures here. Those with poor lighting before, I hope they can be excused! Trying to turn over a new leaf here. So appropriate, starting something new on the 1st of Oct! I hope it’s not to late.

Till then, signing off to work!

Love and light,

yours truly xx

6 months!

#nazmilia is 6 months today, alhamdulillah!


I went all sappy and of course, the usual crybaby mode on him last night. And I guess by now, he’s already used to it except that with my monthly hormonal surge, coupled with migraine from the scorching hot weather in the afternoon,anddd doing the house chores, I got my throbbing migraine.

” Omg sayang, you need an ambulance? I’m gonna call for an ambulance, alright?”

Pfft, yeah it’s 11.30pm no thank you I’m fineeeeee.

Annoying as ever but I was crying the whole time on whatsapp last night, texting him, thanking him for all the patience (this is important) handling me and that i’m …(ahh, I’m gonna save everything else for our memory,alright)

But most importantly, I am very grateful that Allah protects and guide the two of us in this journey. May Allah bless our bond and continue to guide us to be in love here and till Jannah, inshaAllah.

If you asked me what’s the most challenging part so far , I’d say LDR in a heartbeat! LDR is no kidding guys, a very challenging phase in our marriage but so far, it has thought us a lot about being supportive to each other.

To my wonderful husband, 6 months is just the beginning. You’re gonna have 6 more years, and more with this crybaby and loudspeaker wife of yours! Thank you for being my rock!


Love and light,

Yours truly