Being a wife

Got Naked?

I underestimated my husband’s skill to plot surprises. He himself doesn’t like surprises for instance so you would think that with his preference, I would not be able to receive any good ones. I LOVE surprises by the way.

For my birthday this year, I already had in mind what I wanted. My birthdays during my single days would be a dinner/brunch celebration with my friends and for myself, I’d usually buy something, you know just say “hey, happy birthday Azalia:) “ and give myself a big hug.

This is my second birthday as a wife. My husband mentioned that he prefers to know what I wanted and get them for me instead of me wishing upon a star hoping that he will have some telepathy connection wave thingy and actually know what I wanted.

So I’ve been dropping hints through instagram, and my tweets :)

I wanted this baby.



I’m not a good make up artist but I love doing simple make up on my own for functions and whatnots. You know, just dolling up and make them face look pretty :) I work in KLCC and SEPHORA KLCC is pretty much my second home. Every now & then, I’ll drop by and do some research or simply restock my make up stash. I’ve tried it and love it and so my heart is set on her.

Sneaky hubs, he was plotting the surprise all this time. Saturday, after a wedding we attended, we had drinks at nearby mamak and he was asking me about where to get his perfume. Parkson jumps right off the top of my mind and hubs don’t like the idea. Man, pelik gila. Where else would we get perfumes?! And suddenly, he said, “How ’bout Sephora?” Ok, Sephora has a spread of perfumes so that’s possible. The closest to us is at Avenue K or KLCC so we headed over.

When we reached there, I went straight to the perfume section and was browsing the shelf for his perfume. And he was roaming around behind me. Not sure whether or not he wanted this perfume so bad…Grr. Then he asked, “eh, the Naked naked thing that you said tu, where is it yea?” errr.okay. So I went to the section and showed him and picked up the palettes and explained to him those palettes. 3 kinds of Naked they have there….OK.

And I’m done showing him so I wanted to drag him to resume the perfume search when he suddenly said, “I’m here to pay for your Naked thing. I don’t want to buy perfume”

*jaw-dropped and in denial*

“Eh, no lah. Lets just get your perfume. I’ll buy this one later” (this one happened back and forth for quite a while coz I’m denial you see….)

“No, this is a surprise. Don’t you get it?! I’m buying you the pallet that you hinted.” (That’s him highlighting that I am so in denial!)

*insert loud squeal and disbelief facial expression*

AWWWWWWW…a lovely surprise indeed! So, I took the pallet that I wanted and galloped my way to the counter. Hubs paid and wife is happy :)



I know on my actual birthday this year, it would be a hectic and tiring day for us – what with me and my last day at work, farewell and stuff and you my superman, will be handling the movers and lorry shifting our stuff all the way to Tronoh. I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making me feel happy and appreciated. Above all, I am very thankful to have you around.

Thank you for the gift, sayang.

I love you.

Yours truly,



Milestone 1

March 29 2015, we turned 1.

Here’s the thing, I had a theory at the back of my mind – My husband will forget about our anniversary (unless somebody else reminds him/there’s an app or something that goes “Congratulations, it’s your 1 year anniversary” kinda thing).

So I woke up that morning, getting ready for our breakfast and woke him up. He’ll take some time to “stabilize” and usually that will require his phone with him.

I was waiting for him to say those words but yeah, me keeping my cool. So so patient, you guys! And out of a sudden he goes “One year kahwin!” (one year being married) . I was like “say what again?” while leaning towards him. Just want to hear the real words coming out loud and clear.

“Happy Anniversary,baby. I love you.”

MELTS with that puddle of water on the floor right there. Sheesh.

I poured (half of) my heart out in the card that I wrote to him.

All in all, I am very thankful to be in this marriage with you. It may be imperfect here and there but I know we have the perseverance, love and compassion to work towards a healthy and beautiful marriage together.

To many many more years of love, understanding and support towards each other.

I love you, sayang.



It’s Friday, beautiful people!

And I’m currently typing this post in the office. So much work to do (thanks to so many unnecessary and long winded meetings today), I decided to stay back and finish it up before I leave the office today. I don’t want to be doing office work at home. I’ve been feeling a little bit under the weather this couple of days i.e. my dislocated knees, stomach flu and lack of rest. So I wanted to have a proper rest at home without having to crack my head preparing the work deck(s).

Time flies and we’re in the last week of February! Don’t know what happened in the last 2 months but I’m pretty sure that I’m making very slow progress with my resolutions, guys! I still did not enroll to Quran class (guilty!) but somehow I did do more outdoor activities. So, I need to buck up and catch up real fast here.

I love March for the fact that NazmiLia will turn 1 ! Look at that, it’s going to be a year of me marrying my husband, listening to his snores and putting up with his antiques (Love you!) and vice versa. I am very grateful for this journey. Marriage is a classroom for me. I learned a lot and I’m pretty sure Allah has more in store for me. Alhamdulillah, nothing comes easy in this life and so does Jannah. I keep praying to Allah that He kept me on His guided path, equipped with triple the amount of patience and strength that I usually have. You know, I am the very hardheaded lady (my husband can testify this, for sure :) . So glad to have someone that tones me down, and sometimes put up with me.

These 2 Cs- compromise and communicate save my married ass!

I’ll write more on this soon!

I’m about to send out one last email before I head to my Maghrib prayer and off from this office!

Happy weekend, all! :)

6 months!

#nazmilia is 6 months today, alhamdulillah!


I went all sappy and of course, the usual crybaby mode on him last night. And I guess by now, he’s already used to it except that with my monthly hormonal surge, coupled with migraine from the scorching hot weather in the afternoon,anddd doing the house chores, I got my throbbing migraine.

” Omg sayang, you need an ambulance? I’m gonna call for an ambulance, alright?”

Pfft, yeah it’s 11.30pm no thank you I’m fineeeeee.

Annoying as ever but I was crying the whole time on whatsapp last night, texting him, thanking him for all the patience (this is important) handling me and that i’m …(ahh, I’m gonna save everything else for our memory,alright)

But most importantly, I am very grateful that Allah protects and guide the two of us in this journey. May Allah bless our bond and continue to guide us to be in love here and till Jannah, inshaAllah.

If you asked me what’s the most challenging part so far , I’d say LDR in a heartbeat! LDR is no kidding guys, a very challenging phase in our marriage but so far, it has thought us a lot about being supportive to each other.

To my wonderful husband, 6 months is just the beginning. You’re gonna have 6 more years, and more with this crybaby and loudspeaker wife of yours! Thank you for being my rock!


Love and light,

Yours truly

Weekend outing

So after 3 weeks of not seeing my husband, I finally managed to pay him a visit over the weekend. Hubs’ reactor in the lab exploded (well, that’s a layman term of some sort of technical malfunction) that he let it sit aside for a while before attending to it. Yeay to the wife, finally I get to spend some time with him. I think God understands too and decided to give my husband a break. Poor guy’s been working like mad for his Phd.

On Sunday, after the sumptuous lunch (Sambal belacan and tempoyak was involved) , we decided to pay a visit to the “haunted” Kellie’s Castle. Scorching hot but the view was splendid and of course I love the old architecture! Here are some of the pictures for you :)


The remnants of the Kellas House, the first house that William Kellie built before he built Kellie’s castle. Kellas house was just behind Kellie’s castle. IMG_2260 IMG_2270 IMG_2287

 here we are at the top of Kellie’s Castle

IMG_2293All pictures were taken from my trusty iphone 5. My hubs took great shots of me and for our picture, we had to improvise and make use of the camera timer and front camera a.k.a selfie! :)

Love and light,

Yours truly xx


So I had my first raya as a wife and daughter in law. For some of you who just got married, please do come join the first-raya-as-a-wife wagon!

My verdict? Challenging as ever! 

LOL. Kidding, but yes in all seriousness,it was a challenging one. What with getting used to prepping my husband for raya (well, i used to prep myself only), helping my MIL out in the kitchen, and not to mention now that we have our own home, that too needs to be cleaned up!

Typing that alone already leave me breathless, so imagine actually having to do all of that.

On the first day of Raya, hubs and I left our home to our parents place, did all the maaf zahir batin thingy, had breakfast and then we head out to hubs’ grandma’s place at Dato’ Keramat. There we had some more food ( I was already thinking about my waistline when I had those lontong & kuah kacang).

Spent quite a deal of time there, and here’s the trick that got me sobbing – I can hear (and see!) LRT from his grandma’s place (which is apparently next to Damai LRT). New Raya experience for me. I’m definitely a kampung girl at heart. I love the fact that there is lesser traffic in the kampung since I’ve been working year long riding the LRT & bracing the evil KL traffic jams. But alhamdulillah, my understanding hubs ease everything for me. I was able to adjust myself.


At his grandma’s place. 

Anyways, getting to know hubs family was a challenge too. On his mom’s side, I’ve pretty much scored the exam but on his dad’s side. there are 8 of them (i think) of his dad’s siblings and you can imagine the number of Nazmi’s cousins that I have to memorize. Also, his dad’s family uses terms like “Mamang” , “Bibik” “Obek” (need to check this spelling though) to symbolize the hierarchy of the elder to younger uncles & aunties. Since his dad is the oldest, they called him “Obek”.

Overall, they were very welcoming. Since they’re pretty much born and raised in KL, they were very curious about my raya prep since I’m from the northern side of the country. So I made bit of ketupat palas for my in laws and brought over some of it to Dato’ Keramat.


Also one of the firsts, where I flew solo in making the ketupat palas. I made from scratch and I can say for a newbie, it’s pretty okay for consumption. Got the stamp of approval and all from father in law.

Raya in Teloi Kanan starts Tuesday. We drove from KL on Monday night and reached Teloi Kanan an hour past midnight. My grandma and Pak Cik Man was up waiting for us to arrive.

We managed to catch up with (almost) all the family members. Spent time to visit them and play time with my little munchkin, my lil niece, Ayra.



Had some cooking lesson from Maktok, ahh that was fun!


Cucur cempedak (top) and lempeng kelapa/peknga( below) :) 

My grandparents are getting weaker ; my tokwan (grandfather) is recovering from his heart illness and my maktok (grandmother) can’t walk so much due to her knee problems. So Raya is also a good time for me to visit them and catch up.


Hubs was enjoying himself scouting for new plants to bring back for our home garden & chit chatting with my Pak Chaq. These two clicks instantly even before we got married. Ha.

Time flies and we had to leave on Friday. It’s hard to bid goodbye to this place. So relaxing having to runaway from the hustle and bustle of the city even for a few days. It’s nice, you know? Glad and grateful that I still have a kampung to go home to, especially for Raya. Some of friends spent their Raya in the city/on holidays since they no longer have kampung/ grandparents have passed away. Alhamdulillah for this blessing.

Now, onto repairing myself to get back in shape & building our home. We have a house, yes. But it takes a lot to make it homey.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, everyone! Maaf Zahir Batin sincerely from Nazmi & Azalia, for any of our wrongdoings and speeches directly/indirectly to you. May all of us be blessed with the good things, love and happiness. InshaAllah.


4 months of #nazmilia! alhamdulillah.