There’s A Right Way For A Guy To Challenge You

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Flickr / ileohidalgoFlickr / ileohidalgo

Sometimes he looks at you like he can’t believe you. He’s proud of you. He thinks you’re an incredible person. Not in a patronizing way, where he thinks it’s cute that you’re trying or it’s sweet that you want to do more with your life.

He just gives you a look that says he knows you can do anything that you want.

He looks at you like an equal. He doesn’t want you to be the final missing piece of his well put-together life or the girl that stands dutifully behind him while he’s conquering the world. He wants to be standing next to you, walking next to you, sleeping next to you, running next to you, doing everything next to you – because he realizes that there is something incredible about you.

He doesn’t think you’re the funniest girl or the smartest girl or the most…

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