Up North

It’s (another) Friday, again!


Come to think of it, I always publish my posts on Friday. Hm, I wonder why. Perhaps, it’s the day when my mood is actually on the high side, the last working day of the week and Friday morning/evening is usually so calm in the office. Morning- people come in a wee bit late, having their breakfasts and whatnots. Evening- people rush back early to avoid the horrible traffic jam (which yours truly is lucky enough to avoid in a month!).

Aaaanywayss, yours truly is going to move away from this hustle and bustle to up North, to the mining town of Tronoh! It’s a big step for #nazmilia and truth is, I am feeling very positive about this. We are turning #1 this month and I can’t help but to think this is indeed a blessing from Allah s.w.t to bring us closer. Long distance relationship is a challenge, I wrote this a couple of times already in the previous posts. We started discussing about our future plans, career paths and whatnots , and we have come to that juncture where someone needs to decide for the sake of the family.

My husband has been very supportive and patience throughout this process. And I feel like it’s my responsibility as a wife to assist him as much as possible. I did my prayers and whatnots, so the decision is pretty much concrete and I feel good about it. He is worried that I might feel bored over there, missing my bootcamps, malls, friends and yeah, pretty much KL as a whole. To me, those aren’t my priorities. Plus, there are ways to create that kind of lifestyle but even better, with him around. My friends are just angels for understanding and even supporting this move. Alhamdulillah.

So, I have less than 6 weeks to pack up, settle my work and prepare my handover to my replacement at work. We will definitely miss our home here in KL but I totally look forward to turning over a new and better leaf in Tronoh!

As my husband would say, “Welcome to UTP!”.


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