It’s Friday, beautiful people!

And I’m currently typing this post in the office. So much work to do (thanks to so many unnecessary and long winded meetings today), I decided to stay back and finish it up before I leave the office today. I don’t want to be doing office work at home. I’ve been feeling a little bit under the weather this couple of days i.e. my dislocated knees, stomach flu and lack of rest. So I wanted to have a proper rest at home without having to crack my head preparing the work deck(s).

Time flies and we’re in the last week of February! Don’t know what happened in the last 2 months but I’m pretty sure that I’m making very slow progress with my resolutions, guys! I still did not enroll to Quran class (guilty!) but somehow I did do more outdoor activities. So, I need to buck up and catch up real fast here.

I love March for the fact that NazmiLia will turn 1 ! Look at that, it’s going to be a year of me marrying my husband, listening to his snores and putting up with his antiques (Love you!) and vice versa. I am very grateful for this journey. Marriage is a classroom for me. I learned a lot and I’m pretty sure Allah has more in store for me. Alhamdulillah, nothing comes easy in this life and so does Jannah. I keep praying to Allah that He kept me on His guided path, equipped with triple the amount of patience and strength that I usually have. You know, I am the very hardheaded lady (my husband can testify this, for sure :) . So glad to have someone that tones me down, and sometimes put up with me.

These 2 Cs- compromise and communicate save my married ass!

I’ll write more on this soon!

I’m about to send out one last email before I head to my Maghrib prayer and off from this office!

Happy weekend, all! :)


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