New leaf

I’ve been juggling between themes for this blog, guys! Sorry, if any one of you came and the header was huge and suddenly it shrunk! I can’t decide.

So I think this one is just nice. I planned to blog properly after this. Just to share my thoughts on things, more serious topics i.e marriage, religion, health and whatnots rather than my everyday life (so vain, I know! ) . And who knows I can learn a thing or two from my readers/followers (If I even have any :( ) , right?

I hope I can improve my writing skills and exercise my thought process at the same time! So important guys, I can feel my brain slowly withers what with the lack of reading (and the genres that I need to expand!) and writing (unlike back in high school – uni days).

Also, I plan to upload quality pictures here. Those with poor lighting before, I hope they can be excused! Trying to turn over a new leaf here. So appropriate, starting something new on the 1st of Oct! I hope it’s not to late.

Till then, signing off to work!

Love and light,

yours truly xx


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