6 months!

#nazmilia is 6 months today, alhamdulillah!


I went all sappy and of course, the usual crybaby mode on him last night. And I guess by now, he’s already used to it except that with my monthly hormonal surge, coupled with migraine from the scorching hot weather in the afternoon,anddd doing the house chores, I got my throbbing migraine.

” Omg sayang, you need an ambulance? I’m gonna call for an ambulance, alright?”

Pfft, yeah it’s 11.30pm no thank you I’m fineeeeee.

Annoying as ever but I was crying the whole time on whatsapp last night, texting him, thanking him for all the patience (this is important) handling me and that i’m …(ahh, I’m gonna save everything else for our memory,alright)

But most importantly, I am very grateful that Allah protects and guide the two of us in this journey. May Allah bless our bond and continue to guide us to be in love here and till Jannah, inshaAllah.

If you asked me what’s the most challenging part so far , I’d say LDR in a heartbeat! LDR is no kidding guys, a very challenging phase in our marriage but so far, it has thought us a lot about being supportive to each other.

To my wonderful husband, 6 months is just the beginning. You’re gonna have 6 more years, and more with this crybaby and loudspeaker wife of yours! Thank you for being my rock!


Love and light,

Yours truly


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