Weekend outing

So after 3 weeks of not seeing my husband, I finally managed to pay him a visit over the weekend. Hubs’ reactor in the lab exploded (well, that’s a layman term of some sort of technical malfunction) that he let it sit aside for a while before attending to it. Yeay to the wife, finally I get to spend some time with him. I think God understands too and decided to give my husband a break. Poor guy’s been working like mad for his Phd.

On Sunday, after the sumptuous lunch (Sambal belacan and tempoyak was involved) , we decided to pay a visit to the “haunted” Kellie’s Castle. Scorching hot but the view was splendid and of course I love the old architecture! Here are some of the pictures for you :)


The remnants of the Kellas House, the first house that William Kellie built before he built Kellie’s castle. Kellas house was just behind Kellie’s castle. IMG_2260 IMG_2270 IMG_2287

 here we are at the top of Kellie’s Castle

IMG_2293All pictures were taken from my trusty iphone 5. My hubs took great shots of me and for our picture, we had to improvise and make use of the camera timer and front camera a.k.a selfie! :)

Love and light,

Yours truly xx


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