Hello, Weekend!

So yesterday I went for an interview – for a job that I always wanted and in the company that I have always dreamed.

It went well but I know I could do better. I was too exhausted and occupied with meetings and my project that I came to the interview from another meeting.

The downside of interviewing at your client’s place. Sigh. I should have gotten the day off and just prep my mental for the interview, solely ; but I couldn’t afford to miss a day and leave my project team unattended.

Anyways, it’s done. And it’s Friday today yeay! I’m excited because I just restructured some of the big events happening today and organize them next week for my team to have better preparation.

Now it leaves me a bit relax (well, not so but better) after a hectic day yesterday.

I am so looking forward to boarding the train to Batu Gajah this evening. Haven’t seen my husband for the past 3 weeks and I just need to sniff his face! Okay, too much info. -.-” But hello, somebody should applaud me for doing this LDR. 3 weeks is just cray, man! I don’t know how some of my colleagues & friends do it – husband left for offshore/overseas assignment for months!

If that happens to me, I’d drag my husband along! :)

Anyways, here’s me ranting!

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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