So I had my first raya as a wife and daughter in law. For some of you who just got married, please do come join the first-raya-as-a-wife wagon!

My verdict? Challenging as ever! 

LOL. Kidding, but yes in all seriousness,it was a challenging one. What with getting used to prepping my husband for raya (well, i used to prep myself only), helping my MIL out in the kitchen, and not to mention now that we have our own home, that too needs to be cleaned up!

Typing that alone already leave me breathless, so imagine actually having to do all of that.

On the first day of Raya, hubs and I left our home to our parents place, did all the maaf zahir batin thingy, had breakfast and then we head out to hubs’ grandma’s place at Dato’ Keramat. There we had some more food ( I was already thinking about my waistline when I had those lontong & kuah kacang).

Spent quite a deal of time there, and here’s the trick that got me sobbing – I can hear (and see!) LRT from his grandma’s place (which is apparently next to Damai LRT). New Raya experience for me. I’m definitely a kampung girl at heart. I love the fact that there is lesser traffic in the kampung since I’ve been working year long riding the LRT & bracing the evil KL traffic jams. But alhamdulillah, my understanding hubs ease everything for me. I was able to adjust myself.


At his grandma’s place. 

Anyways, getting to know hubs family was a challenge too. On his mom’s side, I’ve pretty much scored the exam but on his dad’s side. there are 8 of them (i think) of his dad’s siblings and you can imagine the number of Nazmi’s cousins that I have to memorize. Also, his dad’s family uses terms like “Mamang” , “Bibik” “Obek” (need to check this spelling though) to symbolize the hierarchy of the elder to younger uncles & aunties. Since his dad is the oldest, they called him “Obek”.

Overall, they were very welcoming. Since they’re pretty much born and raised in KL, they were very curious about my raya prep since I’m from the northern side of the country. So I made bit of ketupat palas for my in laws and brought over some of it to Dato’ Keramat.


Also one of the firsts, where I flew solo in making the ketupat palas. I made from scratch and I can say for a newbie, it’s pretty okay for consumption. Got the stamp of approval and all from father in law.

Raya in Teloi Kanan starts Tuesday. We drove from KL on Monday night and reached Teloi Kanan an hour past midnight. My grandma and Pak Cik Man was up waiting for us to arrive.

We managed to catch up with (almost) all the family members. Spent time to visit them and play time with my little munchkin, my lil niece, Ayra.



Had some cooking lesson from Maktok, ahh that was fun!


Cucur cempedak (top) and lempeng kelapa/peknga( below) :) 

My grandparents are getting weaker ; my tokwan (grandfather) is recovering from his heart illness and my maktok (grandmother) can’t walk so much due to her knee problems. So Raya is also a good time for me to visit them and catch up.


Hubs was enjoying himself scouting for new plants to bring back for our home garden & chit chatting with my Pak Chaq. These two clicks instantly even before we got married. Ha.

Time flies and we had to leave on Friday. It’s hard to bid goodbye to this place. So relaxing having to runaway from the hustle and bustle of the city even for a few days. It’s nice, you know? Glad and grateful that I still have a kampung to go home to, especially for Raya. Some of friends spent their Raya in the city/on holidays since they no longer have kampung/ grandparents have passed away. Alhamdulillah for this blessing.

Now, onto repairing myself to get back in shape & building our home. We have a house, yes. But it takes a lot to make it homey.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, everyone! Maaf Zahir Batin sincerely from Nazmi & Azalia, for any of our wrongdoings and speeches directly/indirectly to you. May all of us be blessed with the good things, love and happiness. InshaAllah.


4 months of #nazmilia! alhamdulillah.


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