What makes you happy?

So today is the end of the long Chinese New Year + Federal territory public holiday. Yeay to the long break and boohoo, I have to get back to work tomorrow. 

I’ve been observing my patterns this past few months especially with the wedding coming very very soon and I have a lot on my plate. Doing the wedding planning and executing the tasks on your own can be very exhausting sometimes. 

But you know what, less whining and more working I tell myself. I have to do what I have to do. I don’t like to trouble people and most of the times, I like to work in my own pace and schedule. You know how hard it is sometimes to get people to work in your own pace. It’s almost impossible. 

I surrender and I told myself, I’d like it better if I were to do it myself ; less heart ache and annoyance. Most importantly, I think I find pieces of myself during this journey. I found what are the things that makes me happy, that calms me down at the end of a long day, what are things that get me started in the morning..

  1. Coffee and looking at photos on blogs and instagram in the morning inspires me. I like looking and examining all the colors especially on DIY items, flower bouquets, dresses etc 
  2. I like my morning gym. I like empty streets of Bangsar at 8.00am on weekends. I like the combination of these two. 
  3. I love walking through the streets of Jalan TAR (Which has practically been my second home for this wedding prep), in my flip flops, enjoying the old buildings scenery while doing my shopping.
  4. I love to spring clean my room.
  5. I love eating alone especially for breakfast where I take my time sipping my teh ais and eating my tosai. 

These are few items that I kinda take place during this journey. Wedding preparation sometimes left me worn out on top of office work, and workout at night but I’m glad there are takeaways from this experience. 

p/s: I have yet to see elephants in the zoo. Obviously I love elephants the most! :) 


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