Oh future brides..

Note to all future brides, please have proper meal and hydrate yourself prior to any dress hunting/fitting.

This thing is exhausting as ever.

We went through the excruciating process of dress selection already. My fiance ,future MIL and I went to this one wedding boutique to check out the reception attire for his side. What I thought would be a 1-hour session turns out to be more than 2 hours! Close to 3 as the matter of fact. *wipes sweat*

In this case, I have to say  I envy the groom. Man, suit/baju melayu is so easy to wear and remove! While us ladies on the other hand…the inner, the bustier, the outer lace…the train..veil..OMG the list is endless. And then you wanna put on the heels to check on the dress length and make sure it’s perfect.

Man, to look good you gotta sacrifice a lot okay!

My fiance was doing all the relaxing work of sitting down with his phone,updating his instagram with silly pictures of yours truly (mmmhmm!) , waiting for me to come out and then asked me to twirl, turn and walk etc with the dress. He other hand, with just a slight second, stands up, grab the suit and wallah, he’s ready. Gosh, took me 20mins to get into the dress okay. So many layers, zips etc!

Guys are so lucky in this area. 1-0. You guys win this one.

On my 5th dress, I peeked outside the dressing room curtain asking him to get me a cup of water from the water machine there (thank God they have one it’s so convenient!). The moment when I want to have my first sip, then came the lady asking me to put on the veil pulak. SHEESH.



This long holiday for CNY, we managed to wrap up all our hantaran items (gifts to be presented to each other during the wedding), finalized all our attires, all 3 set of them. *WIPES SWEAT* .Yours truly’s routine was like gym-semua house- fiance’s home for few weeks already. I can pengsan for real. By the time I had lunch, zohor, I hit the snooze button for until like asar. Yikes. Too exhausted I guess.

And for today, finally some free time! :)  We have a wedding to attend and I have plan to meet up with a girlfriend and her recently adopted baby girl. Can’t wait! Body is aching, I might push gym to later in the evening. Naughty me.

I try not to be so much of a bridezilla (I mean, seriously what is that?) . I have my list and I have my trusted friends that act as my auditor and calm me during the storm. So yes, don’t be so stressed out Azalia :)

Have a good weekend everyone!


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