Off to the next phase

Reality Check : Relationships doesn’t always take off in a good form. It’s like an airplane ride, the take off will be a bit bumpy and it will take sometime to stabilize.

Even during the relationship itself, we still will find new things that we learn about our other half. Those traits/characters, things that he/she likes will not be revealed over just a dinner date or 2-hour phone conversation.

When I first met Nazmi, I know nothing about him. Well at first I thought I did, through his blog postings (yes, I am a stalker for years!LOL) and his tweets. But then again, we are all humans. We will react to our surroundings ; the happenings, the traffic jams, when the food that we ordered came late, when our sleeps get interrupted, when we are stressed from work. So this is where I actually got to know him , and vice versa.

I am a crybaby. Yes, tough cookie outside but hello this heart is as fragile as a glass. I get so sensitive over homeless people, old folks crossing the road alone and I even watch Armageddon just to trigger the tearducts after a long hard day at work. Yes, I am that kind of girl.

And he doesn’t know this until we are like 6-7 months into the relationship. The first 3 months was chaos. I was still trying to adjust myself with his time and his preferences and same goes with him – trying to adjust himself with this big cry baby :)

Nazmi on the hand works in odd hours. As a researcher, he has his working hours (just like my normal office hours – 8am to 6pm/7pm) and he works later in the night too for his papers, reading journals and doing his calculations and simulation works. That would be after his Isya’ prayer and dinner with our fatso Monty, from 9pm till Subuh prayer. Then he sleeps for few hours and get back to work. Phewhl

To think that “where the hell do we find the time to talk to each other and well, be in love in general?” is the common respond we usually have from people around us.

In the midst of our busyness, me in between meetings and him in between his labs and engineering workshops , we’d be calling or sending me texts that will just make each others day better. The rough chaotic day feels a bit bearable knowing that he’s around no matter what.

I remember one time, I was in meetings from 8.30am till 1.30pm and I had another one at 2pm. I saw his miss call like 2 mins ago and quickly called him back and he was driving back from his lab. Man, just to catch up with each other for 10mins is enough and I feel so much better afterwards. Him and his “don’t forget to eat, baby!” messages will always make my day.

Simple things that make me happy.

In relationships, you compliment each other, you have your give and take moments and you push through no matter what because you have faith in each other.


Time flies and this is Day 8 of being his fiance. I can’t imagine my life without this man. He completes my crazy self, my mood swings and my intuitive behavior. And I love how responsible and committed he is to our relationship. His kind, loving self is definitely a gift from Allah to me and I will cherish and take good care of that.


To my dear Fiance, Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi ;

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. Thank you for your patience, kindness, responsibility and love towards me, towards us. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.


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