What happened to my 2013’s resolution?

I want to do a rough check on mine, which I posted earlier this year. OK, cue shy face.

I read somewhere that posting your goals/target online will make you stick to it no matter what because everyone has already seen it. Kind of like you’d-be-embarrassed-if-you-don’t-finish-what-you-started feeling. Ha.

Anyways, let’s see…

  1. Go to the beach. I’ve been missing the sandy beaches and the sunset at the beach for so longg!
  2. Participate in a marathon. By end of 2013, I want to complete a half marathon. That’s my target.  Scratchhhhh! I’m gonna start with 10km first. Too ambitious, Azalia. Knee is not cooperating very well.
  3. Wear more bright colors. Although my favorite is black, but my other favorite is RED! <– I can still do this righttt? Lets see if I have worn enough bright colors to brighten up my soul. *scroll IG*
  4. Expand my book collection in different genres than fiction – politics, history, traveling etc. <– Sad. Not achieved just yet. Help, anyone? Recommend me books from genres besides fiction, please :)
  5. READ, READ and READ. Expand my reading genres! <— I think this should continue on to 2014 (and years after). I didn’t read that much so far and I hate myself for it.
  6. Take more pictures I think I did. Check out my IG haha!
  7. Go on the train trip with the boyfriend. Northern, southern and eastern routes.  Northern – checked! How bout up North to Thailand, baby? ehemm
  8. Invest on more supplement for myself. Vitamins, EPO etc Ended up being supplied with B-Cobalt for my nerve problem pre and post carpal tunnel surgery. LOL
  9. Do a thorough medical checkup
  10. Have an adventure outdoor trip with the boyfriend
  11. Less crying, more laughing
  12. Save up for a new phone. I better get myself a quality one this time. Broke my bank account for the ip5.
  13. Go for a road trip and sample the street food
  14. Driving range date
  15. Eat more healthy food I was introduced to quinuoa , couscous, asparagus, oatmeal, and paleo diet ; Love all of them!
  16. Engage in more outdoor activities
  17. Cook more More of experimenting, but yeah :)

It’s November and we have ONE more month to go till we end 2013 real good. Phew, time flies huh? And before we know it, we’ll start thinking of 2014’s resolution already. Mehhh, screw that. Who am I kidding, I have 2013’s leftover to be settled. -.-”

Lets do this !


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