Eyes on the prize

I used to be conscious about people’s opinion about me that somehow it affected my goals, my vision and what I had planned for myself. I judge myself harshly, and sometimes even more harsh than others.

But I have come to the point that really, life is all about understanding yourself and how you work and function. Only by doing that, you won’t be frustrated or demotivated when you face criticisms or gnarly comments about you.

It’s not that I’m highlighting the fact that you can just ignore people’s criticisms and comments. What I’m saying is, choose your ‘stress’ wisely. For example, I have a boss that complaints to my client about my ‘ bad performance’ and I went crazy thinking about it days and nights. One day I decided to take a deep breath and just really analyze my strengths and weaknesses, talked to my clients on how to improve my performance and wallah, it gets better. I chose my stress and to me, my boss is definitely not one of them.

Another thing about me is that negativity fuels me. Perhaps harsh criticisms or should I just say “reality” hurts. It bites, really. But I don’t let them get to me and get in the way of my journey and planning. Case study : My body. Excess weight gained over 10 years gradually, realistically cannot go away in just a mere 10 months! Not unless I have a crazy metabolism which unfortunately, I don’t have that. It’s okay. Point is, I have my determination and discipline, plus my plan. So yes, I may get bits and pieces of negativity or demotivating events but my eyes are on the prize. Those words degrade but somehow it motivates.

So people, have faith in yourself. If you know what you want, just keep your eyes to the goal and keep going. This applies to any other aspects in life too.

Good luck!

p/s : Talking about goals, now I remember…what happened to my 2013’s goals? yikes.


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