What happened after I turned 25?

April 30 this year was just like any other day. I have to work, go through meetings etc 

So yeah, same old same old. 

But April 30 this year was 10 times special because I have my other half to celebrate with. We had birthday celebrations for both of us this year, the first time celebrating with each other. 

I love the thrill of preparing for his birthday celebration, cracking my head to find the perfect gift and putting it all together. Really. 

And I love the fact that he tried to find a live elephant as my birthday gift. Funny guy. 

On another note, my birthday was in the middle of the election campaign period which of course is the main focus of everyone. Nevertheless, I was so lucky that May 1 is a public holiday and I get to celebrate my birthday peacefully. 

We had lunch and he presented me with my birthday gift after apologizing profusely for not being able to come up with better gift -.-” . I was planning to smack his head after the 5th apology by the way. 

How can one not love this kind of gift? *sobs*



I LOVE IT, silly. Thank you, sayang. 

I was so overwhelmed by the wishes on Facebook, twitter, SMS etc. I’ve said it but I will say it again, Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers :) 

As I said in my previous post, I wish for happiness and peace. To me, that is the ultimate gift. 

Life goes on and time is going to fly faster than ever. I’m going to make the most out of my it and do something that will benefit myself and people around me. 

Yours truly, 




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