Executing the plan


Stumbled upon this on Mufti Menk’s FB page.

A reminder on how important it is to remain steadfast in whatever I do and in this case, trying my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Achieving a healthy weight and of course toning the body and gaining the stamina are some of my aims. And Mufti Menk was spot on – executing the plan is the essence. 

What’s most important is that we know our capabilities and be consistent in whatever we are doing. Take small steps, slowly but surely.

You’ll get there.

As for now, I’m still doing my usual run, yoga and also circuit training. I cheated few times too due to the workload and all but I felt so guilty afterwards that I ended up yoga-ing in my bedroom before I sleep.

I guess it’s about what you set your heart for and what your mind tells you. And you have to be sure that it tells you to keep going and never give up. Don’t lah follow if it tells you to whack nasi lemak in the middle of the night okay. Once in a while of cheat days, sure can. As a treat for a job well done :)



With that being said, good luck in being healthy, everybody!

Yours truly,



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