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Growing up, I used to be this one selfish lil sister who refused to share with my siblings, especially things that I love. Well back in those days, it was my botol susu, my books, my colored pens etc.

Maktok told me I was so possessive of my belongings that I ended up pissing off my siblings, and to top that off, I pretty much scare off my lil cousins. They won’t dare to even ask from me.

My logic back then was if it is my hard-earned things, then I should keep it as close as possible to myself because I earned it.

Sigh. This poor girl had issues okay.

But as I get older, and one by one of my siblings progressed and eventually we were separated due to studies and whatnots, I realized that all I want to do is to have someone to share my favorite things with because it will only make it much more enjoyable and meaningful. My favorite new-found nasi lemak place, new movies that I downloaded, books, and even favorite clothes.

Too bad it was too late when the senses came knocking. My sis left for UK and I left for Sabah and my lil bro was away in Matriculation back then.


She’s back and then left me (again!) to be with her husband. She came home and not too long after that got marrieddd.  So every time I get to see her, tight hugs like this is normal. `scuse the affection. 


Look at kakak trying to be all dictator but her cute kind face just kinda not working. LOL. Missing these two whom I argued with almost every day back then. 

I miss having people that I can argue with, and be excited about on things that I love, and exchange stories with them.

Lessons learned, the hard way.

Fast forward, now this girl has somebody else to bother.

Name? Well I call him , “my boyfriend” and for you guys, ummmm..ok check out the name tag on the shirt, alright? :)



mmhaiiiii :’)

Before I went gaga over this guy,I shall leave you with the moral of the story, alright? Nothing serious, don’t worry but a reminder for myself and to all ; never take the relationship between your siblings for granted `cause you don’t know what’s in store in the future. As for me, God yanked my sister away across continents for almost 3 years. Boo. Served me right. Arguments and quarrels are sometimes ways of them showing their affection and vice versa. Whatever it is, try to patch things up after the fights okay? As for my siblings, food works like a miracle. Three of us yapping away, scolding each other, blaming the world for having the world most horrible sisters and brothers yada yada and suddenly, maktok screamed from the kitchen saying “gulai ayam dah siaappppp oiiiii..”, (chicken curry’s readyy) out of a sudden everything turns to, “hang nak buat apa lepas ni? jom keluaq?” (what do you want to do after this? lets go out?). Seee?


I miss my idiotic siblings.


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