Kampung style

This is an overdue post for sure.

So we had few long weekends for January and February and I decided to kill mine. I took a day of on Friday after the Maulidur Rasul leave. The plan was to go over to Kulai for some bank matters. I decided to drag my Captain Jack with me. He can do all the driving and I can do all the talking. The long drive would gave us plenty of time to catch up too after both of us has been busy working away from each other.

Bank matters settled and few mishaps happened along the way but to cut the story short, he decided to surprise his beloved Andak at Serting, Negeri Sembilan. I met Andak few months back during beau’s cousin, Kak Fara’s wedding and I’ve been smittened ever since! Andak is a funny and loud person. Hint : 80% like yours truly lah :P So alhamdulilah we got along pretty fine.

On the way back to KL..

Beau : If you’re okay, lets go surprise Andak at Senawang.

Me : Sure, why not!

When we passed Senawang..

Me : Where’s Andak’s place actually..

Beau : it’s in Serting.

Me : Serting? Isn’t it….

Beau : Yeap, atas lagi dari Kuala Pilah :D

I see..

Andddd, there I was, in Kg Datuk Johan, Serting! Love love the place. The house is overlooking a sugarcane field and the air is just so fresh!

Andak was surprised and guess what, we were not allowed to go back. She insisted that we put up a night over there. Called beau’s mama back in KL and she managed to convince her. So yeay to all the yummy ayam bakar! :D

I shall let the pictures do the talking coz seriously guys, I miss Serting !

IMG-20130126-01699That’s bruno in front of the house







Beau’s checking out his childhood playground

And here comes the favorite part. God knows how much I’ve been wanting to have air kelapa muda when he was driving pass each stalls by the roadside that could possibly be selling them…So, here it is..TADAAA…Fresh coconut, straight from the tree!



my Tarzan :D

IMG-20130126-01724and he opened one by one and fill the jar with the coconut juice.

I was the happiest girl on that day. `Nuff said.


more Tarzan in action. Plucking limes to be brought home


..i love papaya?


with the boss of the house, Teddy


Lunch! Spot the siput sedut masak lemak cili padi wooots! *rubs tummy*


Thank you, sweetheart for bringing me here. It feels like home already!

Wondering where’s yours truly in the pictures? Yea, was more like behind the camera role for me. Was too busy enjoying the place and food (mmhmmm!). I enjoyed taking his pictures so yeah..maybe the next time I come here, I’ll be more in front of the camera :P

I miss Serting already. Can’t wait to be back there, again!

Yours truly,



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