The end of voting period

As I’m writing this, I’m done checking through the browser for time to see the countdown of the voting period.


I’m done by the way and the public voting period is finally over and so is our campaign to promote our project for the voting period.

Over the past 1 week, we have successfully set up the facebook page for our project, crafted promotional posters, ads and updated statuses on our facebook page to be shared with our friends, relatives etc on Facebook and also we have tweeting the updates from our very own personal Twitter accounts.

I would like to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to all those who have been so thoughtful and kind to vote and even more, share it with their friends! We couldn’t thank you much.

We hope that from this challenge, we will be able to cultivate and nurture the awareness on how important it is to start small, with the aim of tackling the big problem. It is not impossible and we can see it from the positive responses we have received from you, you and YOU! :D

Please keep us in your prayers and we hope for the best for The Papercup Challenge, to be noticed, and best,implemented at a National level.


For more info, you may visit our Facebook page .

Again, on behalf of the team, thank you so much for all the supports!

Yours truly,

On behalf of The Papercup Challenge team

p/s Look at what the countdown counter now displays. 0_O


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