The Papercup Challenge

Yours truly recently teamed up with the beau and another friend of us, Yushasnor to participate in a competition, Genovasi Challenge : Connected Communities competition. The challenge requires us to come up with a project that clinch the following criteria:

  1. Innovation and quality: entrants should aim to submit original and creative ideas.
  2. Feasibility of implementation: includes cost, role and number of volunteers, as well as stakeholder support.
  3. Sustainability: includes how likely the programme is to be fostered and maintained with local and volunteer support.
  4. Impact and scale: includes whether the programme can be scaled up in the neighbourhood and/or replicated in other areas to include all Malaysians.

Beau wrote in his blog on our journey from the brainstorming session up till we were shortlisted as the top 13 finalist.

The competition now is down to the public voting. The period starts from 27 January-2 Feb 2013.

So, what is our project all about?

It is called “The Papercup Challenge”


The Papercup Challenge The Papercup Challenge is an exciting way in getting community members of all age classes and backgrounds to join in a mutual cause for a greener society. The Papercup Challenge requires a participating community member to grow a plant seed in a paper cup and care for it until a certain time. The plant can be exchanged for a new Papercup Kit at the community hall once the challenge is complete. Community member can opt for harder-to-grow seeds such as from seasonal veggies and rare flowers after completing the Starter Kit Papercup Challenge, and upgrade to Moderate and Hard Kits. The plants from completed challenges can be grown in community garden or planted around the neighborhood to enhance its landscape quality. The increasing level of challenge and a variety of seeds to choose from makes the Papercup Challenge exciting and sustainable by developing horticulture interests among the community members.

We also submitted a 3 mins video entry for our submission which you can view here. The video was shot by non other than our film maker , Ismail Norazman.

Essentially, think of it like playing Farmville but in a real life.


What’s interesting about this project is that although it may seem like a small and simple solution, but it does cater to a national and even global problem by just starting your habit of planting plants and making your backyard and community landscape greener.

3 copy

Also, The papercup challenge also addresses the food security problem which we are facing all over the world. It may not seem serious from a bigger scale, but tackling them from the very beginning will help curb the problem.

We at The Papercup Challenge team also hopes to see this project materialize and become a reality. Through your votes, we can make this project happens and it is another step towards creating a sustainable greener community!

Here’s how to vote for us :

  1. Visit

This is the page that you will see. The submission gallery of The Papercup Challenge. 

2. For a first time user, you’re required to sign up. For those who have been on this page before, log in as usual with your email and password.


The log in and sign up button at the top right of the web page.

3. Once you’ve registered and logged in, click the “Vote”  button at the right side.


4. To confirm whether you’ve voted or not, there will be a button as below to indicate that you’ve successfully placed your vote.


 5. And…you’re done! ;)

So, do spread the words around, read up on our project and get in touch with us via :

The Papercup Challenge Facebook Page

Youtube video

The team’s personal twitter account :

Lia , Nazmi and Yushasnor

We are also looking forward to work with NGOs, corporate companies, government agencies to further expand and implement The Papercup Challenge, with high hopes that this simple solution is on a big mission towards a green and sustainable community.


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