Goodbye 2012, hello 2013

2012 is over and done with! And look at us, the first week of Jan 2013 is coming to and end. Is it me or really the time flies so fast like nobody’s business? Sheesh.

A lil recap of 2012.

My 2012 was overwhelming, to say the least. Or should I say, I took quite a number of leaps in my career, love life, personal relationship, health, among others.

I jumped into the consultancy world officially in January 2012 after working as coal geologist in Indonesia and as the quarry lady in Lafarge. It was definitely a risk that I was willing to take considering that I had to change my lifestyle close to 360degrees secure myself a whole new wardrobe from head to toe, travel to the city center etc. Note : Khaki pants, jeans, and boots were my best friends back then :P

I met my boyfriend, Nazmi in June and the relationship went through its ups and downs while we get to know each other further and be more in love. I couldn’t be any more grateful that he is around, and how we function as a great support system to each other. You can read all the mushy posts that I wrote about him here. (and those which tagged – Love) Don’t puke, though :P. Here are some of the events and happenings that we did together in 2012, in pictures..

Camera 360 blog3blog5 blog5 BLOG4

This year, I too started to take extra good care of myself – what I eat and my exercise especially. I enrolled into boot camps, maintain my gym sessions and have my regular yoga session in between. I lost quite a number of kgs after Raya, and I have been very motivated ever since. I have always been an active person with my hiking and outdoor activities but due to the sports injury, my dislocated knee prevents me from doing a lot of strenuous exercises. Thank God that I pushed through and my dislocated left knee is behaving well adapting to the workout.




What else, well…I met new friends, from twitter, beau’s friends and also met clients from different backgrounds. I love meeting people, exchanging thoughts about lives, issues and whatnots. It’s one of those things that I appreciate which is to have a good group of friends that influence and stimulate my thinking in so many levels.

My life has been quite an eventful one – laughter, tears, sorrow, smiles and pain. But then again, things aside, I’m blessed. God has placed such amazing people in my life, and without them I’d have nothing of real worth.

To those of you who has been a part of the colorful world of mine, you know who you are and sincerely, I thank you. I love all of you .

Cheers to a healthier, happier version of me in 2013!

p/s : I don’t have New Year’s resolutions. It’s pretty much general – to be a better person than I was a year before. But I do have my 2013’s to do list, which I’ll share with you soon! 


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