Balik kampung!

Yes, I’m back home to my grandparents’ house here in Felda Teloi Kanan, Kuala Ketil, Kedah.  (full name, in case you guys don’t know where it and I’d say..Google `em, baby!



It has been a while since my last visit, which was in August for the Hari Raya. Maktok and Tokwan has been missing me, they fell sick few times and I got worried.

What to do, work has been keeping me occupied and I can’t afford to take a long leave. Journey up North from KL will take roughly around 4 hours, without the holiday jam of course.

So yes, I’m home for the new year break. Few hours after my arrival I’ve been receiving a lot of surprising news. Some are good and some are slightly bad but yeah, lets not dwell on the negative stuffs shall we?

Just a quick update on my homecoming this is. I went to Sungai Petani – place where I grew up and to my surprise, look at how developed it is now! 

I’ll post pictures and update soon. 

Till then, have a wonderful break and be safe 

Yours truly, 



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