“The One”

I have this theory that everyone has his or her concept of “the one.” I believe it is imprinted in someone’s every fiber and atom. The problem, however, is that when people try to actualize their own concepts of “the one,” they come up with all sorts of specifications. Must be this, must be that, has to be this and has to be that. And it gets cloudy. So cloudy that when you finally, finally meet “the one,” you won’t recognize them in an instant. You might even close your doors.

But I’ve learned that It’s not so much on who someone is, but rather how they make you feel. “The one” can probably be the most disproportional person on this planet or sometimes ticks you off , but if being with them makes you feel infinite, then would that even matter?

By the specifications you created yourself, you ignited a war between your head and your heart. Because  there will be that moment when you’ll have to choose between “the real one” and “the one you made up in your head,” .

Yours truly,



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