durian surprise

The boyfriend has been bragging about how much durians he has been eating back in Tronoh, how cheap it is and how  available it is that he sometimes got them for more than what he paid for. He tweeted the photos and have all the bragging rights in the world for staying at the place of origin, Perak.

For his recent trip back home, he brought back with him 22 durians, in pails! He paid RM20 for those babies. Such joy! I don’t think you can get that kind of price here in KL.


Look at the size of those durians..“Besar kepala budak” I said.

Well that was a surprise alright because hours before his departure, he tweeted “have some imaginary durians” I salivated in front of my laptop.

But boy he knows how much I’m craving for durian and he brought back a car boot full of durians despite the pungent smell in his car all the way from Perak to KL with his headache still intact.

I love you for that.

The next day, I was all ready to invade his house with my empty tummy.

I used to be able to eat durians, like a whole lot of them. Usually 3 durians are the least for me. But lately I think I have a small tummy now and I can’t pig out on durians like I used to back when I was younger.

Thing with me is I eat durian with Gardenia White Bread.I don’t know what did I call them but friends name my so called creation as Sandwich Durian. What I did is simply peel of the flesh and put them on my bread and wallah, it’s in my tummy already.


 Look at the juicy yummy flesh! 

To top that awesome feast of durian, his mom made bubur durian! Double dose of happiness it was. Bought a jumb0 sized Gardenia bread and left home with half of the pack. So lovely of his mom to have them nicely packed and he opened all the good durians for yours truly.

I’m a happy kid.


Prior to writing this post, I just finished the leftover durians with the Gardenia bread for my dinner. Burpp. *rubs tummy*

p/s : Remember to drink lots of plain water after eating durians. No coffee, please .


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