Random flashbacks

“Memories are what warm you up from the inside.”

I’ve been getting this random flashbacks from the past few months. 

From the biggest thing to the small moments like the slipping through a glance from the train or something. 

It was good flashbacks that came rushing through my wandering mind. I’m glad. 

I was lying down and was suddenly drawn to a Thursday afternoon when the other half plotted a 2-day prank just so that he could give me a surprise visit when I was on the way to my boot camp session. It was well planned I ensure you. 

I did not get the chance to talk about the fleeting feelings I had at that very moment. Even my man himself is still unaware of the details. 

I had goosebumps. 

I did not screamed out loud at the tower lobby but instead I shrieked a bit and cornered myself because I was so overwhelmed with emotions. There was this rush of emotions ; surprised (of course), happy, romantic, I wanna do a scream fest, jumping for joy, screaming on top of my lungs..and the list goes on. 

So I cornered. 

There he thought that I was not surprised with his presence and a lovely red rose in hand. 

But my love, trust me, all the emotions listed about, if God permits, I will do it at that very moment. But I am pretty sure you will walk far away from me if I did that scream fest thing :P 

It was the highlight of my days for months after that. Up till now, I still remember that day, the moment when I had the shock of my life because I was not expecting him to be in the city ,at all. 

I think I’m going to bed with a smile on my face remembering the flashbacks.


I bid you, hello. 


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