fall seven times, get up eight

In this life, you will get knocked down at least a thousand times. You will be pushed away. Pushed around. Lied behind your back. Lied to your face. You will trust the wrong people. And not the right ones. You will get rejected. You will get played on. You will let yourself believe everything happiness tells you. Then you will end up feeling betrayed. Frustrated. Lonely. Hurt. You will be knocked down and have your face on the ground. Many, many times.. But you have to. Because how else can you prove that you’re strong enough to survive? That you’re worthy enough to live the life you have? That you deserve to love. To be happy. To dream. And to want things. You have to face whatever’s thrown at you. You have to know that it’s not the people who is punching you, but life itself.. And you have to remember that nothing will matter if you don’t get up on your feet each time you fall. Because you can. No matter how hard. No matter how impossible it may seem, you can. Always.


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