Dream guy

Remember those days when you had a long list of how your dream boyfriend, dream husband etc would be like?


Reminiscing back, it is sure as hell hilarious alright. I had these whole characteristics, physical traits, career, interests and whatever nots list down.  couldn’t recall entirely what was it about but I’m pretty sure tall, dark and handsome is one of them. :D

It was embarrassing. 

Now that I have a boyfriend (and inshaAllah, I pray that our relationship will be blessed till forever), I realized that found him not based on the list, well at least what’s left of it. 

How do you define and measure handsome-ness, anyways?


He did asked me the question – what’s your dream guy like? Well controversial question alright.

When I think through, my dream guy is someone who completes me. Someone who I can rely on, responsible, love and care for me regardless of the situations. Come rain or shine, he will always be the same guy that I fall for on the very first day, or perhaps even better. 

I find happiness in the simplest thing. 

The feeling of contentment and safe, the smile of a loved one, the hugs and kisses and the company of my better half around. 

So I guess, it makes sense why we wrote such things back when we were younger ; We didn’t know that some of the things in life that makes you happy are in fact the simplest of things. The basic, which reflects back to your feeling. Not the ideal height, the perfect hair and the cool car. Although, that would be a plus point. :) 

Come to think of it, it’s kind of silly and funny but those were the days. 

What was your dream guy like say…10 years ago? :) 


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