Weight loss story

So, many have been asking on how did I lose weight so much over the past 1 and a half month. 

Yes, I did lost 8 kg to date. 

That’s me on the left, the most recent photo taken on the eve of Malaysia’s Independence Day, like 2 days ago before my 2nd ass-kicking boot camp session! Le boyfriend is laughing at the fact of how I’m smiling widely before the session and how I called him right after with my half-dead voice saying “baby i’m gonna dieeeeee..” . Yeah right. Laugh all you want :P 

Situation reversed, I’m sure everyone must be wondering of how fat I was before that I’m dying to lose weight now, right? Ah, I’d love to share the picture of the me before the weight loss, but I’m contemplating whether or not I should to. Hiks. Hint: I bought this pants last year and I can’t wear them because it is M sized and erm, yeah too fat to fit myself in that! 

It was soooooo horrible! 

And many asked, how did it happened? 

Honestly speaking, it’s a combination of exercise and diet. And they paused at the word “exercise”. Oh mmkay. Well people, whether you like it or not, diet can only take you so far but you have to do some form of exercise. 

Cardio is always the right one to burn fat. Run, jog, brisk walk, cycle, hiking etc whatever that suits your liking. You can even mix it up! For beginners, you don’t have to push yourself too hard into running. For the first 2 weeks, try 15mins of brisk walk and 15mins of slow jog and dash off for 200m sprint. Make it consistent and then increase the intensity slowly. 

One thing I learned from years of being an athlete, you burn fat faster if you mix your exercise regime a lil. Example, circuit training. Fat burning and muscle building at the same time! 

Another feedback that I get is ”..I’m not as motivated as you”. Ah, don’t mind me people. I’ve always been the overachieving, push-me-so-hard kinda person due to my aggressive trainings as a state hockey player back from primary till matriculation days. To top that off, le boyfriend is ever so motivating that he fed me with all his army days training and his own crazy workout regime. We love each other that much. LOL.

Find your source of motivation and set your target, a short term one would do. Start small and narrow down your aim. As for me, my aim is to get my 2005’s weight back which is 58kg. I’m 64kg now by the way. You do the math! :D

Trust me, you’ll feel good after all those exercise but point to remember, do it properly, with the correct technique. Don’t push it too far or you’ll end up like yours truly who’s currently trying so hard to massage her back. Tsk. Plus, I have a dislocated left knee due to the sports injury I gained back in 2003 when I competed in the state level 100m event. I fell at the finished line with my left leg bended, 90 degrees that is. Yikes. So yes, I’ve been working out with a knee brace on my left leg and still have to be careful or else..”praaaapppppp”. :D

Another option is boot camp or group exercise. One good thing about boot camp is that you’re working out in a group-based training and gosh, these people are so supportive! They’ll help you through the workouts. Plus, their high intensity training gives you the exact amount needed for you to burn fats and gain muscle without having to do the same exercise every day! If you’re interested, I’m here at the Original Boot Camp. Check it out at www.bootcamp.com.my

At the end of the day, it all came down to ..“when there’s a will, there’s a way.”.

You can do it, if you want to. Don’t force yourself.

I’m excited for a fact that I feel much healthier now, fitter. Climbing stairs is not a problem for me and I feel much more confident! 

I’m open for questions though. Drop me questions and I’ll be more than happy to assist you! :D

Sometimes all you need is just a lil bit of push and you’re good to go! 

Yours truly,



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