On cloud 9.

Sometimes I wonder what do I do good that God is so kind, He gave me Nazmi, my boyfriend who is ever so patient with me. Being Azalia is never easy. Her days are sometimes colourful, sometimes dark, and sometimes with a lil bit of thunder and lightning along the way. 

He is someone who knows me so well. So well that when I was down, he knows exactly the right moment and there he is calling me on the phone asking me “what’s wrong?” 


I know. Sometimes it worries me the fact that he will not be able to take it, or he himself is having a rough day at work and I don’t want to pile up on him more of my petty petty problems, you see. 

Somehow, telling him and sharing with him the situation makes it even better. With him on the other line, listening to my rants and by just being there makes it better. I can feel his presence somehow. 

I used to wonder, how the hell did people say that when their other half listens, and just being there without saying anything will make them feel better. 

Now that I’m in a relationship myself, I know. 

Gosh, having him around is such a blessing. I can never thank God enough for this gift. 

Still trying to get the hang of it. You know, this whole idea of having the best boyfriend in the whole wide world kinda thing. I can tell him everything, he’s there when I need him, he motivates me, he calls me “sayang, honey”, he looks after my health, he protects me..ah, such a wonderful feelings I’m on cloud 9! 

I write about being in love so much and I’m sure most of you are annoyed by it already. I’m sorry! This relationship is too wonderful, and I’m ever so grateful. I’m learning a lot from this relationship and hey, I’m spreading the positive vibe around! 

Who knows maybe you’ll find your prince charming soon? ;) 

Mine is just over there, up North. *waves happily* Hi baby! :) 


P/s : I’m sorry. 

Yours truly, 



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