Colours of my life

“Black and white. That was what my world was like. Nothing special. Nothing to wait for. Nothing to be excite for. Nothing to miss. Nothing to love. 

Then hate. Then love again and even more. There was really nothing worth living for.. Until you came into my life. You brought colors. Wonderful colors. 

Yellow for the smiles you put in my lips and for the twinkle you put in my eyes. Green for making feel the luckiest to able to meet someone so amazing as you. Blue for the peace you give my soul every time you take my hands and wrap them around your warm body. And red is for the passion, the drive and the strive to live and to love. You gave everything its own meaning and value. The world around me is now as colorful and lively as it can be. 

But the truth is, you are now my world. The centre of every emotion, courage, happiness, desire, hope and love I have.”


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